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The happiest people are the people who have found that God is enough. Zac Poonen (via jesus-is-the-king)
Some of the Many Things I Learned from HIMYM


Yeah this is really long, but that just shows how perfect this show was

  1. Love is an up and down journey but there is a yellow umbrella out there for everyone.
  2. Love doesn’t make sense and we can’t logic our way into it no matter how hard we try.
  3. Despite love being nonsensical, we have to…

Himym | :’((( : We Heart It
But love doesn’t make sense. You can’t logic your way into or out of it. Love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it, or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother (via sadwhistle)
Kids, I’ve been telling you the story of how I met your mother, and while there’s many things to learn from this story, this may be the biggest. The great moments of your life won’t necessarily be the things you do, they’ll also be the things that happen to you. Now, I’m not saying you can’t take action to affect the outcome of your life, you have to take action, and you will.But never forget that on any day, you can step out the front door and your whole life can change forever. You see, the universe has a plan kids, and that plan is always in motion. A butterfly flaps its wings, and it starts to rain.It’s a scary thought but it’s also kind of wonderful. All these little parts of the machine constantly working, making sure that you end up exactly where you’re supposed to be, exactly when you’re supposed to be there. The right place at the right time. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother. (via fan-stuff-for-fans)
The future is scary, but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes, it’s tempting, but it’s a mistake. How I Met Your Mother (via thepowerandsass)

I can’t believe it ends tomorrow.
People want the sweetness and security of Marshall & Lily, the badassness and freedom of Barney & Robin, and the epic love story that makes you believe that there is someone out there for you of Ted & the mother. "How I Met Your Mother is the Perfect Relationship" (via productofanolympianorgy)